Bacon Lovers Trio

Gift Pack

6-14 Oz. Pkg.

Bacon  Lovers Trio <p>Gift Pack<p>6-14 Oz. Pkg.
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Broadbent Bacon Lovers Trio Gift Pack. (Variety of 6 Packages of Bacon, 14oz. each) * This product is currently unavailable in California (Proposition 12 Regulation) & Massachusetts (940CMR36:00 Regulation). 

Everyone has their favorite Bacon, so we created this special selection to satisfy 'em all!  One of our Best-Selling Holiday Bundles, this gift pack includes six Delicious packages of Broadbent Smoked Country Bacon: 2 packages of Maplewood, 2 packages of Hickory and 2 packages of Peppered. (14 oz. each.)

Do not be alarmed if your products arrive warm.

Broadbent Country Bacon is shelf stable. It does not require refrigeration. It has a shelf life of three months outside of refrigeration. To achieve the ultimate shelf life and quality of the product, we recommend refrigerating for up to 6 months. This product is also freezable for up to 12 months. All products are USDA inspected and meet all USDA shipping requirements for safety.




6 slices fried Broadbent’s Smoked Bacon, crumbled ( Any Flavor!)

2 cups hash-brown potatoes

2 cups Egg Beaters or 8 eggs beaten

6 tablespoons salsa

6 large flour tortillas (room temperature)

6 ounces shredded cheddar cheese

Directions:  Spray skillet with cooking spray, cook hash browns.

Combine eggbeaters or eggs and salsa in a bowl and pour into skillet with hash browns.

Stir until thoroughly cooked. Add crumbled Broadbent’s Pepper Bacon. Spoon into flour tortillas and top with shredded cheddar cheese. Roll up and serve. Top with sour cream (optional).

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Best bacon! 6/16/2024
My mom introduced me to Broadbent's bacon a few years ago. I haven't eaten store bought bacon since. The variety pack is absolutely perfect for my husband and I. He is rather picky and loves the fact that he can choose from 3 flavors every Sunday morning. It lasts us 6 weeks and I'm always reordering at week 5 bc lord help us if we don't have Sunday bacon BLASPHEMY haha! Customer service is fantastic at Broadbent's. I learned from communicating with them that in the notes section you can specify leaner or fattier packs :D. Like I said before the husband is picky and barely eats meat anyway and can't stand much fat on his bacon. From here on I will be taking advantage of the ability to request leaner cuts. ALL of their cuts are fantastic (he's just picky). My mom buys the full slabs and they are BEAUTIFUL when they arrive. The fact that this bacon is shelf stable is wonderful as well. You don't have to flip out if your bacon gets left out at room temperature. With Broadbent's bacon it's OK :D I tell everyone about Broadbent and will continue to do so.
Bacon Bacon Bacon 6/11/2022
Came across this brand via internet search. I have always been pleased with quality and service. I give this as Father’s Day, Birthday and Christmas gifts. Bacon is our Sunday morning treat.
- V Wingler, NC
The Best 5/2/2021
I love bacon and the three varieties here will spoil you for eating any other brand! The pepper bacon is awesome. It isn't overly hot or spicy, just delicious.
- Sandy, IN
Best bacon 10/16/2020
Once you eat this bacon you will never buy store bought again.
Applewood Country Bacon 9/12/2015
Purchased some bacon from a country store while on a recent vacation in Maine. We were surprised that this bacon required no refrigeration. Although a little more salty than what we are accustomed to, it was very delicious and meaty. We will be buying from the website in the future. Delicious!!
- Tricia, RI