2 Million Dollar Ham


Broadbent Whole Uncooked Country Hams


This Grand Champion Ham Sold for 2.8 Million Dollars!

That's not Hog Wash, Broadbent's Kentucky State Fair Grand Champion Country Ham sold at a charity auction for a record breaking "2.8 Million Dollars".  This was not a first for Broadbent's, in 2014 their Grand Champion ham sold for $2 Million Dollars at the same charity event. Broadbent's has won 19 total Grand Champion awards at the Kentucky State Fair.  They have also won Awards at the National Country Ham Association and the American Meat Producers Competitions.

Savor the Award Winning Taste for Yourself! An Award Winning Broadbent Country Ham is Dry Cured, Hickory Smoked and Aged to prefection. Remember our country hams are salt cured and will be salty in nature.