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Delicious Breakfast Meats

Variety of 4 Items

*Breakfast Combo <p>Delicious Breakfast Meats</p>Variety of 4 Items
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Broadbent Breakfast Combo.

* This product is currently unavailable in California (Proposition 12 Regulation) & Massachusetts (940CMR36:00 Regulation). 

One of our Top-Selling Gifts, this incredible selection has generous portions of delicious Breakfast Meats including Country Ham Breakfast Steaks (10 oz.), Hickory Smoked Bacon (14 oz.), Pepper Bacon (14 oz.), and a 2lb. roll of Grandma Broadbent's Smoked Country Sausage.

*This bundle contains Sausage and Must ship three day select from May-August if you are outside our standard three day delivery area. You may contact us with Questions at 1-800-841-2202.

Do not be alarmed if your products are warm when they arrive.

Broadbent Country Ham, Bacon and Sausage are dry cured products and will be salty in nature. The Uncooked Country Ham and Bacon are shelf stable. They do not require refrigeration. They have a shelf life of three months unrefrigerated. Broadbent Sausage is good outside refrigeration for 10 days.

To achieve the ultimate shelf life and quality of these products, we recommend refrigerating the Country Ham and Bacon for up to 6 months, or 12 months frozen. We recommend freezing the sausage for up to 9 months if you are not intending to use the sausage within 2 weeks of recieving it. The sausage can be kept refrigerated for up to 2-3 months. All products are USDA inspected and meet all USDA shipping requirements for safety.


How to Open your Cloth Bag of Smoked Country Pork Sausage:

* Sausage is easiest to slice when chilled well- (Use Sharp Knife)

Cut off tie end of sausage bag approximately 1 and 1/2 inch from tie end. Then, slit bag lengthwise and peel cloth bag off sausage with thumb and forefinger. This will allow you to remove your sausage from the cloth bag with very little or no sticking. Now, slice into patties and place in a cold and ungreased skillet over moderate heat, cooking until medium brown on both sides. (The smoking process will cause the meat to want to cling to the bag as the smoke permeates through the cloth and into the meat. The cloth will separate easiest from the bag when the sausage is well chilled or frozen.)

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How to get cloth cover off the sausage 3/8/2022
Do NOT try to take the cover off of THAWED sausage! Let the sausage thaw just to the point you can slice it. Run a sharp knife down the length of the sausage. Then begin removing the covering from one end might need to cut an end off first. Then pull the cloth covering off. Voila! Now the sausage will slice MUCH easier than a thawed sausage. My two cents
- David Bayer, TN
Sausage 12/25/2019
While the sausage was one of the best I tasted. I disliked the sausage being packed in the cloth sock. It was difficult to remove. Had to cut it open with a razor knife. Than as you peel the cloth sock. The sausage sticks and is difficult / sloppy to remove. Sloppy thing to do onChristmas morning.
Goto gift 11/28/2018
We have given the Combo as Christmas gifts for a few years, and they are always a hit. We even get one for ourselves.
- David Sawyer, TN
WINNER!!! 11/5/2014
I sent this combo to about 6 different families for the holidays last year and have actually gotten hints to do it again. This combo is a WINNER!! Priced great for all the good stuff. Really good value. BUY IT! FYI: I live 15 miles from the famous Smithfield, VA home of famous Smithfield ham. I like Broadbents hands down!