Heritage Dry Cured

Country Ham

15-17 Lbs.

Heritage Dry Cured<p> Country Ham</p><p>15-17 Lbs.
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Detailed Description

Broadbent Heritage Country Cured Ham. 15-17lb Whole Uncooked Ham.

As an American charcuterie renaissance is taking place, Broadbent's presents a Prosciutto-Style Ham from a pasture raised Heritage Breed. The result is a lighter, sweet and salty American Dry Cured Ham. It's aged to one year or longer, cured with salt and sugar, then lightly smoked. (Slicing not Available).


Do Not Be Alarmed If Your Products Arrive Warm.

Broadbent's Whole Uncooked Country Hams are Salt-Cured and do not require refrigeration. Beware, further aging of this ham by keeping it over an extended period of time will make it saltier and tougher over time. Your Ham has been fully aged and is ready to enjoy! This product will not expire.


The Facts About Your Heritage Ham:

- Broadbent's Heritage Hams are Prosciutto-Style Hams and are intended to be sliced very thin, uncooked, and used as Prosciutto, and on Charcuterie Boards.

 - Developed as an All-American alternative to Europe's renowned Dry-Cured Hams, our Heritage Country Cured Hams are crafted from rare Heritage Breed Pigs. These are old-fashioned breeds from before the industrialization of farming. They are pasture-raised and given lots of space and sunshine. They are fed an all natural diet of forage without hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, or animal by-products.  

- These Sweet and Salty American Dry-Cured Hams are aged 12-18 months, then lightly smoked for a truly exceptional flavor!