Smoked Bacon

8-14 Oz. Pkgs.

Hickory <p>Smoked Bacon</p> <p>8-14 Oz. Pkgs.
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Broadbent Hickory Smoked Country Bacon. Remember, our Country Ham, Bacon & Sausage are Dry-Cured with Salt and will be Salty in Nature.

The Original and still the favorite! Our classic country bacon is still made the same way it has been for over 100 years. It's slow smoked with hickory to give it that unforgettable flavor that has been loved for generations. Nothing beats waking up to the smell of bacon frying in a skillet. You'll never want to miss breakfast again. Freezable.

Do not be alarmed if your products are warm when they arrive.

Broadbent Country Bacon is a dry cured product. It does not require refrigeration. It has a shelf life of three months. Refrigerating or freezing upon receipt will extend quality and life of the product. All products are USDA inspected and meet all USDA shipping requirements for safety.