Smoked Peppered

Pork Tenderloin

2-1 Lb. Pkgs.

Smoked Peppered <p>Pork Tenderloin </p><p>2-1 Lb. Pkgs.
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Broadbent Smoked Peppered Pork Tenderloin

A mouth-watering treat destined to become a customer favorite! Hand-cured lean cuts of Pork, rolled in freshly cracked Black Pepper and then slowly smoked over Hickory embers until they are perfectly cooked, ready-to-slice and enjoy!

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Tasty Tenderloin 12/18/2015
My son and I received the Smoked Peppered Tenderloin as a Christmas gift and thought wed give it a try to see if it was worthy of leaving as a snack for ole Santa. Worthy is an understatement. Its Great! Sorry Santa, it looks like it will be cookies and milk again this year since im sure the Tenderloin will be long gone when you get here. Wonderful! Ive not tried any of the other selections from Broadbents but Im sure Ill be doing so soon. Merry Christmas to all.