Hickory Smoked

Bacon Slab

4-5 Lbs.

Hickory Smoked<p>Bacon Slab</p> <p>4-5 Lbs.
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Broadbent Country Slab Bacon

Our 4-5 pound Hickory Smoked Bacon Slab. You slice it just the way you want it, thin, thick or extra thick.

Do not be alarmed if your product are warm when they arrive.

Broadbent Country Bacon is a dry cured product. It does not require refrigeration. It has a shelf life of three months. Refrigerating or freezing upon receipt will extend quality and life of the product. All products are USDA inspected and meet all USDA shipping requirements for safety.

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Delicious but had issue with mold 12/11/2022
I was in a living history program where food was served, and they kept bringing bacon that was way better than store bacon. When I asked, I was told it was "dry cured" from Broadbent, so I bought some. The re enactors and the Broadbent site mentioned it was good for 3 months w/o refrigeration. I took that literally, but my bacon was full of mold in just20 days. I had to throw it out; contacted company, and they advised you really should refrigerate it.
- Edith Pollitz, FL
Best Bacon Period 9/14/2021
I have bought the slab bacon several times already. Very addictive bacon . Best bacon by far than any sold in stores. Broadbent does it the old fashioned way and has done it for generations. I won't buy bacon or ham anywhere else. Yeah, it's that good!
- Bryan Beard, LA
Historical Bacon 8/30/2016
This bacon is perfect for historical reenactments. The fact you dont need to keep it on ice,can be cut to size for packing and is done in the old ways makes it perfect for the hobby. Thanks !
- Richard George, KS