New Maple Smoked

Heritage Bacon Slab

10-11 Lb. Slab

New Maple Smoked <P>Heritage Bacon Slab</p><p>10-11 Lb. Slab
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BaconHeritage Breed Bacon Slab

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Broadbent's Heritage Bacon is made from Pure Breed Berkshire Pork. These animals are raised humanely and sustainably, without antibiotics or hormones, using traditional farming methods. Once the meat is dry cured, we slow smoke with Maplewood.

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After a lifetime of over 60 years of eating,making, buying, and otherwise being one with bacon my entire life , and knowing the Broadbent tradition of the best or nothing...I went for the new guy they offered up. Berkshire Maple smoked bacon!!..OH-BOY. ...I was not disappointed , no way ,no how.. I was delightfully impressed with the warm smooth smokey sweet aroma upon opening the wrapper. No heavy smoked hit you in the face content here. I welcomed the full THICK slab with open arms and frying pan. Berkshire hogs are thick full bodied hogs and this slab was all the adds stated and more. I would say the cure is a cross between the maple bacon and a good smoked ham. It has character and a complex cross section. It is not over salty or sweet. It has a mildish country ham cured flavor which was very pleasant to savor as I slowly chewed my thick slice right out of the box, into that pan, and into my mouth...and I was in PURE HOG HEAVEN when I sliced it 1/2 thick and roasted it until it was a sizzling browned piece of love. Now some may say that its too thick but thats what a Berkshire hog is...its gonna be meaty,fatty, and thick.Love of the craft, the hogs, and what the folks have made for us here is a treat to get. Treat yourself to the best mouth filling well rounded succulent bacon around. A true masterpiece worth every cent and it gets my 5 star rating and more. EXCELLENT!!!